Auto Burnisher

NSS battery burnishers are designed to help customers escape the hassles of propane machines. The concerns with propane—frequent repairs, high maintenance costs, disruptive noise levels, indoor carbon monoxide emissions, exposed hot engine parts, and other safety issues—were only tolerated since there were no better options. Now that has changed.

Charger battery burnishers have the power and pad pressure to produce a high-gloss shine. Even better, quiet operation provides scheduling flexibility to burnish in occupied facilities anytime, with minimal disruption to customers and co-workers. Standard on-board battery chargers provide reliable, convenient, and consistent recharging anywhere there is a plug. To maintain indoor air quality, the Vac-Trac collection system collects floor finish dust in a filter bag at the front of the machine.

Chargers are built to last. A 7-gauge steel frame provides a solid, sturdy base, while a durable rotocast-polyethylene body resists dents, cracks, and corrosion. The tilt-back design assures easy pad changes—just one example of the many operator-friendly features designed into every NSS battery burnisher.