Integrated suction
  • The cleaning mixture is immediately sucked away from the travelator
  • No liquid gets inside the travelator to cause it any damage
Suction close to the steps
  • Efficient suction due to the use of optimised suction rolls
  • The machine can be used without any prior customisation
Special brushes
  • Due to the special arrangement of the bristles, the brush transports the dirt directly to the suction device for more thorough cleaning
Easy to operate
  • Can be transported and operated by a single person
4 nozzles
  • Thanks to the special design, a consistent result can be achieved over the entire width of the cleaned area
  • Thorough cleaning even at the very edges of the travelator
  • A signal is audible when the cleaning mixture needs to be topped up
  • If the vacuum fails, cleaning will be immediately stopped with an audible signal -> no liquid gets inside the travelator -> the travelator does not suffer any damage
High-quality materials
  • Maximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Use of symbols
  • Intuitive operation
  • No language barriers


Manual Operation