The STEP 150 is the upgraded version to the STEP 110. With its Touch Display it is possible to clean escalators more efficient than ever before.

Touch Display
  • Possibility to clean as efficient as never before
  • Saves time when cleaning escalators
  • Adjustment on water and chemical by ±10%
  • Manuals are installed on the panel
  • Videos of how to use the machine can be seen
  • Diagnosis page is available
  • First help page to find first problems without loosing time
20-litre tanks
  • Permit a long cleaning time
Integrated suction
  • The cleaning mixture is immediately sucked away
  • No liquid gets inside the escalator -> the escalator does not suffer any damage
  • The steps are dried by the exhaust air of the vacuum motor
18 revolving brushes
  • Faster cleaning because of more brushing in the same time (compared to 15 brushes from STEP 100)
  • Cleaning of both the tread areas and risers in a single operation
  • Different materials and lengths of brushes for removing the various forms of dirt and debris
Easy adjustment to steps
  • Can be used on escalators made by all manufacturers
Hose holder
  • Prevents the residual dirt located in the hoses from getting on the escalator or the floor
Gliding wheels
  • Easy to move the machine on the escalator
High-quality materials
  • Maximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Use of symbols
  • Intuitive operation
  • No language barriers
  • The machine is supplied with a wide range of accessories, such as a trolley, groove rake and spanner.
Compact design
  • Thanks to its small dimensions, the machine can also be brought to the required floor using lifts
Cleaning on site
  • No downtime
  • The escalator can be used again immediately after cleaning

Manual Operation