Application of cockroach Bait: 

- Use spot treatments in the crack and crevice where cockroaches nest or forage and/or in area of entry into structure. 

- Apply up to 1-3 dots of bait per spot. 

- This product can be applied using the syringe applicator or bait injector tools. 


Pest infestation level:                         German Cockroach                      American Cockroach

Low                                                     1 dot/m2 treate area                    2dots/m2 treated area.

High                                                     2 dot/m2 treated area                 3 dots/m2 treated area.

Note: each dot it 0.25 to .5 products. Gait may also be applied a s a bead appoximatedly 5cm long.  Monitor at aevery 14days interval and re-apply bait if necessary.