Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Don’t let the name fool you. JAWS® Hardwood Floor Cleaner isn’t just for hardwood floors – though it keeps them remarkably clean and beautiful. This product is great for most types of flooring, including tile, laminate, hardwood floors, not to mention sealed wood cabinets, tables, and shelving! It’s a high performance, yet non-toxic, floor cleaner. It gets out the dirt and grime without leaving behind streaks or hazy residue, but it’s safe for your floors, family, and pets. And, unlike some other cleaners – which can eventually strip the finish off the wood – it has a neutral pH that’s gentle and safe for most floor surfaces.

In fact, the JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner garnered the 2015 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick Award!                                                                                                      

To see this product in action, watch this floor-cleaning demonstration.

The JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner has the Safer Choice label.

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