A low foaming carpet and upholstery cleaner used with the spray extraction method. Also suitable for removal of water-soluble spots/stains with the rinse method.



Spray extraction method: Vacuum the carpet and remove spots/stains. Dose the product into a water-filled spray device, sparingly spray the solution onto the carpet treating max. 40-50m2 at a time. Allow to act approx. 10 mins. (do not allow the sprayed area to dry). Spray extract the carpet with clean water using an appropriate machine. Use TN 2 Defoamer if foam develops. Lift the carpet piles with a carpet brush while still damp.

Spot/stain rinse method: Vacuum the carpet and pre-wet the area surrounding the spot/stain with fresh water. Apply the product onto the water-soluble spot/stain and allow to act briefly. Rinse with fresh water and immediately wet vacuum.